Black & White

Can faith yield more than perception of security
With thought and emotion betraying reality
Secure a faithful position in calamity
Think this through, then stop

Fear of perception securing paralysis
Hold back now, no way to get out of this
Think back when, no way to move beyond this
Faithful perceptions…  security?

The Stream

Pain comes and bites you when you least expect it.
It takes all the courage you have just to get along.
Day after day after worry and sorry.
Then get up and do it again.

Time moves so slowly, no time to move quickly.
There’s always tomorrow , I think that I’ll probably
Wait for a better day, quite possibly sunshine.
That would be nice for a change.
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It’s Spring… And Gray Bows to Green

Yes, I recognize that it’s silly to state that “I have no words to express…” just exactly how happy I am that spring has finally come while I use words to express that I have no words.  But, I’m prone to silliness as a general rule and especially when summer is on the way.    So there you go.  It’s spring, and gray has bowed out and ceded to green.  And I can be happy once more.

Winters in central PA are very hard for me.  I don’t so much dislike the cold, although if I had a preference I would indeed move to a far warmer climate, but it’s the lack of sun and weeks and weeks of damp, gray weather that takes its toll on me the most.  The snow is beautiful and I enjoy much about winter here, but I’m always glad to see it go.  This year in particular.  It was brutal this winter.  We endured one of the longest cold snaps that I can remember and it was particularly rough because my lovely wife Kim and I decided that we were going to “stick it to the man” and not buy any more heating oil after the month of February foolishly thinking that we could be able to tough it out through the month of March as it should “warm up any day now.”

Wow were we wrong.

We were cold. Very cold.   We used space heaters and conducted zone heating and just stayed out of large areas of our homes and basically lived like Siberians, warming ourselves in huddles and wearing many layers of clothes.  We lived like this out of choice because we both had such a hard time swallowing dropping another $1,000 to fill up our oil tank when we truly believed that spring was just around the corner.   What is up with the weather patterns?  Global warming?  Really?????

So it’s finally come and it’s green and beautiful with bright yellow, red and pink tulips replacing the now spent hyacinth and crocus in the yard.   This is just the beginning of my favorite time of year.  Today I give thanks for the sun and the 50 degree temperatures.  Today I celebrate the colors green and yellow.  Today I find the words to express how I have no words to express how happy I am.  Today the birds sing to me and Benny as we sit on the porch together watching the bees survey the dandylions and the first butterflies of spring dance amongst the phlox.

It’s a good day to be speechless.



And Gray Bows To Green